We’ve all heard the phrase, when fish are scarce fisherman mend their nets.

If patients are a little scarce for you right now, just know you are always progressing and growing in according with the universal law of attraction, i.e. the universe is unfolding just as it should be.

In most instances you will find your practice over all is doing just fine and in fact, this is a message for you to slow down and re-focus.

After all, your patients deserve your fullest attention right!

So how to maintain your energy and the collective consciousness in your practice during the gaps.

In my practice here are 5 things I recommend my practitioners can do in their down time:

  1. Write a blog
  2. Review your treatment plans, e.g. create a clinical note template.
  3. Grab a coffee with a colleague and find out more about them.
  4. Meditate and re-focus.
  5. And finally don’t stress. Trust the universe is unfolding perfectly and synchronistic.

It’s all good.

You can hold the space. You’re doing great.

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) is the ‘Practice Leverage Expert’; Principal Chiropractor and owner, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre; Accredited Business Coach; Founder, Million Dollar Wellness Practice. Andrew is married to Dr. Linda Wilson, the Stress Specialist and has two children, Isaac and Bella. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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