Remember in my last post on this subject, I talked the importance of choosing the right audience in order to get the right feedback to help you and your practices evolve.

We talked about identifying your 100 best clients and targeting them using a survey.

We then talked about identifying the right questions and then the best vehicle to disseminate the info.

Let’s talk about your top 100. These are your ideal clients, the one’s who stay, pay and refer. Usually they have the biggest spend and so can easily be identified using your patient software.

Secondly, we use survey monkey for all our surveys. There are many to choose from of course.

Thirdly, when designing your survey keep it succinct. We recommend a maximum of 5 -6 questions, 70% tick the box, 30% typed answer.

Fourthly, give a reward. Make this a competition where you raffle 5 free massage vouchers for example. Make sure your reward is something substantial. These are your top 100 remember.

And finally, here’s some examples of a survey format:

  1. How would you rate the practitioner services at our practice? (Survey Monkey will provide you with a built-in scale).
  2. How would you rate the reception service at our practice?
  3. How likely would you refer a friend, colleague or family member to our practice?
  4. How likely are you to remain a client of our practice in the future?
  5. In a few words please let us know what you love about our practice?
  6. In a few words please let us know what you feel could do with improvement or what you feel we could add?

One final word. Don’t take this personally! It’s not about you, it’s about your practice and what and how you deliver your services. Remember it’s always a system problem before a people problem.

Now you are armed with the critical information to elevate you and your practice.

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) is a Chiropractor and the Million Dollar Wellness Mentor.

Founder: The Practice Leverage Revolution, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and the Million Dollar Wellness Practice.

Andrew is married to Dr. Linda Wilson, the Stress Specialist and has two children, Isaac and Bella. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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