Staying Centred


It’s human nature to add meaning.

Our practice is quiet = we’re not good enough!

A client drops out = we did something wrong!

A dis-gruntled client puts a poor review online = no-one will want to see us!

New patients are low = our AdWords campaign isn’t working!

The human psyche’s default is negative. This is the way we are wired. 

If you think about it most of what we see, hear and read is founded in fear. Marketing uses our fear to manipulate us into action. 

If something happens in the world collectively, we go into fear. For example, interest rates go up, people stop spending. A health modality is targeted with bad press, the community retreats.

As a wellness practitioner please don’t beat yourself up if this sounds like you. We all do it at some point or another. It’s the human condition.

You can choose to add a different meaning. After all it’s your story.

The good news is you can choose.

Our practice is quiet could mean you have an opportunity to take care of some administration or marketing plan or team management you’ve not been able to get to?

A client dropping out could mean that client wasn’t the best fit for you, not a Grade A client and you needed to filter them out?

A dis-gruntled client with a poor review may serve to highlight all the amazing reviews.

New patients low may mean it’s time for an AdWords campaign review which is timely?

Be careful how you add meaning. Your EGO will drive your fear response because it thinks it protecting you. It’s not!

Trust your instincts, your gut, STAY CENTRED.

The very first thing I do when I find myself falling into a fear response is place my hands on my heart, close my eyes and tell myself to stay centred. I remind myself how amazing and powerful I am and how I am truly loved and respected no matter what.

Stay centred. Keep believing in who you are, and the change will come.

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