Awesome result this week, very happy customer.

A patient I have been working with, with a colleague, Jessica (Not her real name), presented with chronic, severe Coccyx pain.

My colleague and I have been chipping away at times, what seemed to be little avail.
Jessica presented to me yesterday reporting a subjective 90% improvement. This has changed her life, she is ecstatic!

I would like to acknowledge my colleague’s work here. This is clear example of a collaborative team approach producing an outstanding result, many thanks mate.

What’s also interesting is Jessica has invested ~$1500 to achieve this result which in her words, pales into insignificance.

And if you compare this with the money she could have spent in the medical world, namely MRI’s, U/S’s, drugs, injections, maybe even surgery…this amount of investment is very little.
So when you’re feeling like you might be asking too much of your patients understand their ROI from what we do is incredible value.

Never under-state the impact you can make and NEVER compromise your treatment plan based on YOUR PERCEIVED reality around WHAT YOU THINK YOUR PATIENT CAN AFFORD!
You are doing them a huge DIS-SERVICE if you do this not to mention undermining yourself and the practice.

Furthermore, I then asked Jessica if she would offer a Google+ and FB testimony which she said would love to do. I said aside from promoting us, this helps communicate a message to our community which might avoid someone unnecessary surgical and/or drug intervention and in most cases, far greater costs!

Thank you again to my colleague for staying the course and not compromising your care.
If you work with someone like this, make sure to organize a one on one and find out more about what they do and how to best refer to them.

And don’t manage your patients on your own!

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