Re-program your brain. Re-program your wellness practice.

  • Are you a wellness practitioner struggling to find the right mind-set, the right mind-flow that attracts and engages more clients?
  • Are you struggling to find the motivation and will to start your practice day?
  • Are you feeling more and more frustrated and angry your practice is not growing?

I’ve worked with many wellness practitioners across many different modalities and what I have found is that for the most part, the reason has to do with your wiring, programs running in your mind that are just not working.

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrew Arnold, founder of the Million Dollar Wellness Intern program and today I want to show you 3 ways you can re-wire your thinking and create a more peaceful loving life and practice. I teach this and much, much more in the program.

Our sub-conscious mind makes up more than 95% of our programming.

This means our conscious mind is less than 5% however, as humans we persist trying to beat down our sub-conscious and win the argument.

Our ego’s which run our conscious mind actually believes it can win and convinces you all the time of this truth.

This is not true. Your ego can never win over the power of the sub-conscious programming.

These programs that you are running sub-consciously determine your foundational beliefs and no amount of will-full thinking can change this.

This is why addictions are so hard to break and a behaviour that is  repetitive and faulty thinking can become an addiction.

So, let me now share 3 ways you can start to change your thinking and re-wire your mind.

  1. Create, what I call ‘positive delusion’ statements. Positively delude yourself your ideal reality is already happening right now. Live as if your appointment book is full, that you have a waiting list practice, that your ideal clients show up all the time. And then affirm this every day. Your sub-conscious mind is listening.
  2. Leverage and embed the re-wiring process using energy therapies.As this area of neuro-science evolves, many techniques and strategies continue to evolve. Some of these you can learn whilst others you will need a therapist to help you. Techniques include Psych-K, Access Consciousness, Emotional Freedom Techniques or E.F.T., Faster-EFT, hypnosis coaching, kinesiology, neuro-emotional techniques, solfeggio tones, guided meditations…to name but a few.
  3. Get a physical therapist. The body is your sub-conscious mind in action!

Physical therapies help your physical body become more receptive to the minds re-programming. Examples include Spinal Flow, Network Spinal Analysis, Neuro-link, applied kinesiology, applied physiology…again, to name but a few.

Every-time you work on over-coming some aspect of your old personality your body begins to assemble new circuits.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuro-scientist and Chiropractor has measured this on students all around the world as they keep returning their body back into the present moment.

This creates a liberation of energy and that’s available energy for you to use to heal allowing you to begin to create a new future, a new destination.

The Million Dollar Wellness Intern program is about bringing your conscious awareness to what’s happening unconsciously, helping you understand for anything to change the programs you have running all these years, from experiences you have had, these programs need to change.

They need to be re-wired, re-programmed.

This means re-programming your client attraction program alone that runs you as a wellness practitioner.

This allows you to become the Wellness Practitioner leader you were born to be. It’s about re-writing the scripts, those that have been running your beliefs.

Remember, this program is counter-intuitive.

It’s more about re-programming your sub-conscious than educating your conscious will.

Keep meditating, keep tapping. See an energy practitioner and let go.  You’re going be OK.

For more information about how you can elevate both personally and professionally as a wellness practitioner click the link below. I hope to see you soon.

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor and founder of the Million Dollar Wellness Intern program.


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