Ever had that look, you know the one, the eye’s glaze over, start wandering then start to show annoyance, agitation and then finally downright irritation!

Hi, this Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) from Million Dollar Wellness.

I’m referring to that client, the one who’s no longer buying.

Let’s look at the facts, actual reality Vs perceived.

Our clients have decided what they want before they even visit your practice. They’ve decided whether they are a browser or a buyer; a 1-2 visit client, 4-6 visit or long-term investor. That’s the facts.

Your job is simply to deliver your ‘essence’, your message in a well packaged new patient visit and a report of findings. Easier said than done!

Let me explain.

You’ve got about 8 seconds to get a vote of confidence from your client when you first meet them, maybe 12 seconds for blokes. That’s it! The same applies with your practice building, your reception and general atmosphere.

Remember they’ve already decided the type of client they are. Beyond the 2ndvisit (if they get that far) you’re probably trying too hard.

It’s said words only make up ~17% of our communication. It’s important to use all methods of communication from visual (graphics, posters) to tactile (models). What you say and what they hear can be very different.

For example, you give an award-winning report of findings however the browser client will only hear ‘hard sell’, ‘try hard’, ‘he just wants me to come back’, bla bla bla!

A long-term investor may also not hear your words. They’re in too much pain however, what they do hear is ‘I’m in the right place’, ‘this guy really cares’, ‘I just need to do x-y-z by next visit’.

Let’s revisit the term ‘essence’. This is the ‘between the lines’ stuff, the ‘warm fuzzies’ they feel when they start connecting with you. Your essence is about who you really are deep down, that part of you that wants to form a relationship (professional of course) with your client. It’s about connection.

So, your only job is connected with your client during the first and follow up visit. The rest is beyond your control.


Ignoring the browser client and pushing your plan. Remember we talked about that ‘look’. They glaze over, look dis-interested, you lose eye contact. You persist, trying to connect, throwing a barrage of impressive words and gestures to coerce them to ‘buy’. NEWSFLASH! They’re not buying and it’s not personal.

Let them go.

Sometimes the best referrers are the browsers.

PPS: There’s a reason we call it ‘practice’!

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Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor and ACTP accredited Business Coach.

Andrew believes for health practices to thrive, their owners need to, what he refers to as ‘step up into their power’.  Leadership is about leading. Sounds simple right?  So why are so many practice owners struggling to make a living, eventually burning out and giving up?

Andrew has successfully built 2 multi-disciplinary health practices to nearing a million pa. He has mentored many leading practice owners helping them reach this target and beyond.

Founder: Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and Million Dollar Wellness.

Andrew is married to Dr. Linda Wilson, the Stress Specialist and has two children, Isaac and Bella. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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