It’s all in our genes…or is it?

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about how Psychology and Medicine is awakening to the potential of energy medicine and how this impacts our genetic expression.

There has been a long-standing ‘dogma’ our genetic make-up is solely responsible for our physical (and mental) characteristics, from disease to stress, from psychological trauma to happiness.

What is now becoming evident is two individuals, same age, same-sex with the same genetic constitution can present with entirely way depending on their external world.

What’s even more exciting is, we have more control of our external world that we sometimes give credit!

Dawson Church in his book, ‘The Genie in your genes’ says ‘there is the promise of radical disruption in the human condition…and the evidence is stacking up providing objective support’.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Chiropractor, and Neuro-scientist say, ‘our thoughts create our reality’. In other words, we have the power to manifest our reality, the reality we choose.

This means by choosing the way we respond to our environment, choosing the meaning we add, becoming more conscious and less reactional…we directly impact our genetic expression. In other words, we consciously or unconsciously choose which genes to activate and this has a direct impact on our health.

Let me revisit the ‘dogma’ I mentioned earlier. Traditional thinking says ‘our genes are the immutable blueprint’, the pathway every cell must follow and nothing can change this. According to Dawson Church, this is not true!

This model further supports external locus of control which at the least, is dis-empowering to the human being.

Larry Dossey, M.D. says, ‘several studies show that what one thinks about one’s health is one of the most accurate predictors of longevity ever discovered’. Meditation, committed spiritual practice, repeated affirmations can literally add years to our lives and this is irrespective of our genetic disposition.

The central ‘dogma’ breaks down when we consider just how few genes actually exist, 23,688! The question arises, how does this small of the number of genes give rise to the entire human body? Current research is not focused on the communication and interactions between genes in the context of the whole, rather than their individual functioning. We once again arrive at the Wholistic health approach!

So, our thoughts and beliefs become our biology. Our biology means hormonal, genetic, neural and electromagnetic. Our electromagnetism impacts of the world around us seeing as everything on the planet is made of atoms including us. If we change our vibrational resonance not only are we changing our genetic expression we are altering the way the world interacts with us or how we interact with it. It then follows a thought, belief or intention alters our vibrational interactions with our world. We, therefore, have a choice of how we resonate and therefore, what we manifest!

It is, therefore, critically important we carefully choose what constitutes our outer environment, e.g. the foods we eat, what we see, what we hear, the people we associate with, social rituals, etc. as these can impact our genetic expression. If you think about this, it makes perfect sense.

If we make poor choices or fail to take action to look after ourselves after a trauma or other stressful event(s) we cause our body to ‘maladapt’. This means we remain in the hyper-alert state over time irrespective of our environment. Our body literally reads our minds. Here our thoughts de-activate / depress our genetic expression thus changing our biology and that could eventually mean disease! An adaptive response might be when we recognize a stress response, seek support in energy therapies, counseling, a meditation group, etc. and facilitate activation of our genetic expression.

In this article, my audience is mainly my fellow wellness practitioner colleagues. In my program, the Million Dollar Wellness INTERN program I talk about manifesting your ideal practice, client and life and how your thoughts can create your reality.

There is so much incredible research supporting this amazing work. The fundamental question I ask in my program is, ‘How can you use mindset strategy for client attraction?’

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About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor and Founder of the Million Dollar Wellness Intern program.


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