If you’re a contractor you will understand the definition according to the ATO and Fair Work Australia, and therefore the distinction between that and employed.
If you don’t then I recommend you find out.

A key distinction is that to be deemed a contractor you need to work in at least 2 locations. If you don’t then this leans more heavily on the remaining criteria.
For this reason many contractors work between 2 locations and this in of itself raises a number of challenges.

The other reason might be that you are a practice owner who has 2 or more locations.
Either way, managing your energy at one location is challenging enough right? Try splitting that between 2 places, not easy!

So let’s ‘unpack’ these challenges:

  1. Commuting stress. Driving between practices making sure you’re on time ready to go is not always easy.
  2. Shift set up. Naturopaths for example, often need to bring with them a portable dispensary, documentations, testing kits etc. which can be labour intensive.
  3. Different rules, duties and expectations. As a contractor there will be ‘Duties Checklist’ you will be asked to abide by. This maybe different to your other location and therefore, create potential confusion.
  4. Staying focused. Making sure you stay aligned and intentional all the time is doubly challenging between 2 places.
  5. Team communications. Staying in the loop at 2 places can be a logistical nightmare.
  6. Maintaining your energy. If you’re busier at one place more than the other, the tendency maybe to rest up at the quieter location.
  7. I’m sure there are more.

So let’s now look at some solutions:

  • Create print out of essential duties at each locations.
  • Create separate emails.
  • Create separate rituals to allow you to be fully present at each place.
  • Use the virtual world to stay connected.
  • Make sure you ask for feedback, to stay aligned.
  • Keep an eye on your own energy and work capacity. Drop a shift if you need to but make sure you get downtime (but not at the expense of your practice owner).

For practice owners the emphasis is different but the same principles apply. You’re challenge is ensure you’re leverage systems are water tight and this will mean having a strong team.
Working 2 locations can be a very rewarding choice and as mentioned, one that secures your position as ‘Contractor’.

Cheers, Dr. Andrew

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