Successful products and services quite simply, have found they’re client’s ‘BLISS’ point.

Think about a service or product that you love. What is it about that product? Taste, smell, how healthy it is… or the service…the way you are always greeted, the way the reception staff remember fine details about what’s important in your life, the smell of the treatment room…

The Bliss point is exactly this. A culmination of kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and emotional cues that go beyond simply delivering a great product or service. In my view it’s what makes up the gap between a great service or product and an extra-ordinary one.

Another word for it is ‘Relationship’.

So have a think about what is or could be your ‘point of difference’ or Bliss point and oftentimes it’s not a big thing.

There’s a saying, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference! So true. For example, I spray essential oils around my room and treatment table before and after every client; I randomly gift my ‘Grade A’ clients with a low cost item such as soap or hand cream, just because…; I make detailed notes about their family, kids, pets, holidays etc. and then ask about these during the consultation; I bring my colleagues into the consultation room for a 2nd opinion, makes my client feels extra special; I send them an email about a topic they mentioned even though they didn’t ask me directly for the information; I make sure the table is clean before every client puts their face down…

As you see there are many no-cost things you can do.

When you’re client feels that warm, fuzzy feeling…the same way you do when you see your professional or receive a product (which still relies on a service) they will be a patient or client for life.

HINT: When you feel the warm and fuzzies also with your client this means you’ve connected, and that means bliss point.

Have fun, till next time,

Dr. Andrew

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