I thought I’d share some recent insights.

My sole objective is leverage. Without leverage, I am limited to one + one consultations, which limit the development of my entrepreneurship. Leverage allows for time and location freedom which frees me up to work on my health, personal and financial development in an even more creative and fun way.

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor), The Practice Leverage Expert, and Founder of the Practice Leverage Revolution.

Our practice is steadily growing which is great.

A few years back our practice Manager recognized it’s time to move on. She has helped the practice elevate over a 5 year period in incredible style, we owe her a lot.

She also knew that this was the end of this particular journey for her and that she is not the person to take the practice to the next level.

This is founded on her own journey no longer aligning with ours, nothing personal. I have tremendous respect for her integrity.

Marcus Bird always taught me, the universe will challenge your resolve and not to misinterpret this for being off track. It’s just a test.

He also said evolution requires change and change is not always a smooth process.

People must come and go; Mistakes need to be made and corrected expediently, and it’s about always being comfortably uncomfortable. This is the recipe for evolution.

Resist and your momentum will slow to the point of falling back. You and your practice trajectory will start regressing from where you want to be, and want to stay, which in our case was a million dollar+ practice.

So I welcomed change, in fact I embraced it despite the fear (I ran flat out towards it).

With change came more growth and that has been so exciting.

We now have a practice concierge who manages all our communications, clients, team members, joint venture partners, virtual assistants and our external clinic team, and assists with marketing and promotions.

Our practice is fully automated with an online portal containing the entire practice operations AND FULLY LEVERAGED.

So are your decisions aligning with a leveraged practice? I would love to show you how to achieve this.

At the Practice Leverage Revolution, we’ll help you…

  • Grow a thriving practice, develop a practice that runs itself.
  • Actualize your practice dreams, focus on your financial freedom.
  • Create a business that you can scale and sell when you’re ready.

The Practice Leverage Revolution about building your reality, creating a clear vision and destination, then reverse engineering it step by step to now. Once you’re done this you can then choose your EXIT plan, which doesn’t mean leaving your practice. The last part of the equation is getting into action and staying true to your +ve delusion.


It’s time for change! The question is are you going to be the driving force or be dragged under and lose your dream?

Your community needs you. Your practice can be the bridge between medicine and complimentary or allied healthcare practices and be the shining light in a truly holistic, synergistic and dynamic model.

We want to have the courage to stand tall in your community and create the most powerful, best practice model providing health choices that compliment medicine.

You owe this to your clients, your potential clients, your team and potential team members, your community, but even more than this, you owe this to you and your family. We want to build a legacy. It’s time!

INVITATION: ‘Come along and at the end of this one day intensive, you will feel inspired, empowered and clear about the steps you need to take to turn your dreams and desires into reality. We look forward to seeing you there!’


Andrew Arnold

P.S: Don’t forget when you book your ticket you get one for your friend for FREE;

P.P.S: You will also get some great content you can start implementing today!

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) is the ‘Practice Leverage Expert’; Founder of the Practice Leverage Revolution and Million Dollar Wellness Practice and Principal Chiropractor, Naturopath and owner, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

Andrew is married to Dr. Linda Wilson, the Stress Specialist and has two children, Isaac and Bella. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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