Flying in formation

When seagulls, or in fact most birds, when they need to get to a specific destination with the least effort and least time, they fly in formation with a leading bird at the front.

This is no different when running an allied health practice. You as the leader set the tone of the practice and must be seen to be the leader.

This means managing your state at all times; being consistent; reliable; punctual and in general on your game.

Your team is looking to you all the time even when you think they’re not.

Now you may be thinking that’s pressure I can’t sustain. Truth is, it’s windy out front and yes, you will be bearing the brunt of the headwind.

This is where your systems, communications, and team come in to play. They are there to support you to be the leader. Your ultimate responsibility is to inspire your team and lead them to a destination they are enrolled in, that’s it. Everything else should be leveraged.

With practice, this space will become more comfortable. You will start feeling at home in the spotlight, knowing you have earnt the right, you are successful right now.

So stand in your power, stand out front, inspire and lead. Your team will follow.

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) is a Chiropractor and founder of Million Dollar Wellness.

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