Boosting initial care

Have you ever felt frustrated when a client is not progressing as well as they could be and simultaneously is not following all your recommendations?

Sometimes your initial care needs a boost.

In this article, Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) talks about how to gain momentum and boost initial care.

Initial care is about your client…

  • First impressions
  • Feeling cared for
  • Feeling listened to
  • Feeling like they are in the right place

Initial care is about…

  • Consent
  • Engagement
  • Enrolement
  • Agreement

Initial care works best with your ideal clients, those who have decided to follow your best recommendations.

Initial care can work well with those clients who just need a little more information before they feel comfortable moving forwards. These clients just need a boost.

So, how do you authentically and professionally boost initial care?

  • Provide more information in a way easily assimilated, e.g. graphics, written content, properly designed video.
  • Provide evidence-based research to support your recommendations.
  • Provide anecdotes to help re-assure the client.
  • Show a united front. Ensure the practice model is aligned with your service delivery.
  • Be intentional. Show the client what they need clearly and compassionately. Be consistent with your approach and rather than back down, simply say ‘My job is to provide you with my best recommendations’. It ’s about an agreement.

Boosting initial care is often vital to achieving optimal clinical outcomes. Oftentimes our clients have a perceived reality around their financial capacity to fund this treatment period when their actual reality is they can find the funds.

It’s about showing our clients that initial investment will save time and money (and pain and discomfort) later on.

I’m sure you’ve seen many clients who rarely follow your recommendations, are always in pain and, ironically end up seeing you more often than the client who follows the plan.

So, don’t be afraid to boost initial care and stand for your client reaching their best health outcomes.

About the author:

Dr. (Chiro) Andrew Arnold is a Chiropractor and Naturopath, and ACTP accredited Business coach. He is the founder of Million Dollar Wellness.

Andrew believes for health practices to thrive, practitioners and practice owners need to, what he refers to as ‘step up into their power’.  Leadership is about leading. Sounds simple right?  So why are so many practitioners are struggling to make a living, eventually burning out and giving up?

Andrew has successfully built 2 multi-disciplinary health practices to nearing a million pa. He has mentored many leading practice owners helping them reach this target and beyond.

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