Think about how you ‘project manage’ your bodies and your life for a minute?

  • Car servicing 2x year
  • Gym 3x week
  • Swim 2x week
  • Pilates 1x week
  • Haircut 4-6wks
  • GP check-up 1x year
  • Dentist 2x year
  • Accountant 2x year
  • Chiropractic adjustment monthly
  • Massage 2x month.
  • Date night with spouse 2x month.
  • Family night weekly.

Now think about what’s non-negotiable! What trumps a gym visit? Work commitments, kids, money problems…

Hi, this is Dr. Andrew from Million Dollar Wellness.

Some would say there’s a fine line between project managing your life and micro-managing or worse still, moving towards hypochondriac.

My intention today is help bring some balance and prioritization to your routine without becoming too obsessed.

The first step is to categorize what’s important and this includes health which often people place last.

Think about family, health, finance, work, recreation etc. Rank from most important to least. (Tip: Family and health should be at the top).

Then ID what needs to happen to keep this machine in flow, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.

Decide at the outset what’s non-negotiable, e.g. gym and swim Thursdays 9-10.30am.

Tip: An exercise appointment with yourself should be just as important as that accountant meeting or work conference.

Once you’ve worked thru the logistics, get it into your calendar and set your reminders.

This is called project management and without it, you will quickly fall into micro-managing which is a slippery slope towards hypochondriacal.

Be your own project manager.

About the Author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) is a Chiropractor and the Million Dollar Wellness Mentor.

Founder: The Practice Leverage Revolution, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centreand the Million Dollar Wellness Practice.

Andrew is married to Dr. Linda Wilson, the Stress Specialist and has two children, Isaac and Bella. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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