Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor)


Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor)

Hi, I’m Andrew, married with 2 great kids, and live and work in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m the director of Back In Motion, Cranborne, a  multi-disciplinary, allied health practice that is part of the Healthia and Back In Motion health groups. I’m also the founder of an allied health professional educational program called My Allied Health Academy (MAHA).

I’ve been in private practice since 1989, as a Naturopath, Remedial Massage Therapist, and Sports Chiropractor.

I’ve rented, paid commissions, worked for all sorts of practitioners in their practices, been contracted, and employed. I’ve been a partner and practice owner (with my wife). I’ve also worked in the medical arena for 10 years, in operating theatres, hospital wards, nursing homes, retirement villages, and Disability centers, and am part of the National Panel of Disability work assessors.

Over the years I have invested well over $200k in various professional development education, from ‘Money and You’ to ‘The Forum’, from Powerful  Presentations with Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad to Wellness Leaders Masters; from Powerful Practices to Quest Transformative coaching. And been fortunate enough to work with leading wellness coaches, Dr. John Hinwood – RIP, (Stress to Strength), Dr. Mark Postles (Quest Transformative)  Peter Johnson (Time Retrievers), and Marcus Bird (Wellness Leaders).

Several years ago, I realized I had a message that needed to be heard. I created the Million Dollar Wellness (MDW) program (and it’s not necessarily about building a million-dollar practice, although if that’s your goal I can definitely help you get there!) which has evolved to become My Allied Health Practice (MAHA).

What this is really about is understanding mindset strategies that attract more clients. It’s about helping you evolve to a higher state, thinking bigger and stepping into who you are destined to be, fully appreciating your personal power with both feet.

MAHA is about making a difference: to every practitioner, to every patient, to your wider community, but most importantly to you and your family.

MAHA is about showing you a better way to grow the practice of your dreams, saving you thousands of dollars and countless hard work.

There was a time when knowledge was held back, founded on the premise, ‘Knowledge is Power’. Today it’s the opposite. It’s about giving away as much as possible FOR FREE. It’s about recognizing that people really need to implement and integrate this information.

MAHA is about helping you create your own wellness journey, but here’s the catch!

You need to know your destination, exactly what and where you want to be.

You need to understand that ‘dollar currency’ must precede ‘love currency’…you need to make money to enable you to do more of your magic and keep making a difference!

MAHA is focused on Allied health practitioners who are either operating their own private practices or building within another practice.

MAHA helps support and guide you toward leveraging and scaling your practice with less effort, less energy, and more flow. It’s about stepping into that ‘Bigger version of YOU’!

I look forward to sharing this amazing journey ahead with you.