Ok guys, I’m sensing everyone’s a little flat at the moment, I get it.

The challenge is managing our states, and keeping the energy up and consistent.
The problem arises when individual energy starts to become the practice collective consciousness which I think might be starting to happen.

All good, it’s just time to take action.
Introducing operation “BRING IT IN”.

At your next shift let’s look ahead in our appointment book 2wks!
Now I know this may bring up a whole lot of fear and added meaning (which isn’t true) so I ask you to simply let that go.

Your appointment book is what it is, nothing else.

Then I want you to do a short meditation and consciously welcome in new energy. Invite your old patients back, let them know you’re ready to help. Let your prospective new patients know we have room and we’re ready to help.
You can shift the energy in an instant, it just takes awareness.

Then watch the space.

Let’s raise the collective consciousness of our practice and get back on top.

About the author:

Dr. Andrew Arnold (Chiropractor) is a Chiropractic Doctor, and Owner, Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. He is also a Wellness Leader Mentor working with the Wellness Leadership Revolution and running his own program, the Million Dollar Wellness Practice. Andrew shares this ownership with his wife, Dr. Linda Wilson.

www.cranbournefamilychiro.com.au; www.drandrewarnold.com

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